Practice standards for the safe use of drugs and led to error.

Hicks and co – authors say the case raises some important issues in today’s patient safety environment. In this case, practice standards for the safe use of drugs and led to error. The authors say that check all steps in the medication use process before administering drugs would patients patient.

About SUNAThe society of Urologic Nurses and Associates is a national, non-profit professional membership organization with over 3000 members and an annual turnover of $ 1 million SUNA derives its income from membership dues , conference registration fees, exhibits, advertising, grants and the sale of educational products.In emergencies of chemical poisoning treat – The U.S. Food and Administration has , a drug used to treat a poisoning by organophosphate pesticide and chemical should eg nervous agents) allowed. The medicament is allowed to be administered either through intravenous or intramuscularly injection.

A person with organo pesticides and chemicals may poisoning mild symptoms such as a running nose, watery eyes, and vomiting, to serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, weakness and convulsions. When chemical poisoning is suspected, medical attention immediately aid are searched and that local poison control center should be to be contacted by calling 800-222-1222, nationally.. Organophosphorus pesticides the farm in the farm adjusting and by professional exterminators.

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